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Black Bateman Wheel Loader Bucket sitting on a low bed trailer. Fall leaves on the trees in the background. An industrial garbage can to the right near the back of the image.

 Atlantic Attachment Services is a proud representative of Bateman Manufactured buckets.

Yellow CAT spade nosed bucket resting on pieces of wood sitting on top of sand. Behind the bucket is a fabrication shop and yard.


No matter what your loader needs, we have a loader bucket to fit your job.  See more new and quality used wheel loader buckets here.

H&H heavy duty rock bucket in grey with yellow H&H logo on the back right side.

With buckets for digging, ditching and extreme surfaces, contact us to get a bucket for your excavator today.


Red Genpac compactor

 We can offer you the complete range of Gentec hydraulic compactors.

See more compactors and tampers here.


Dromone coupler sitting in parking lot

 We can provide your excavator with hydraulic
and wedge style couplers.

Demolition Attachments

We are proud to represent the Bateman Manufactured line of products.

ships gear grapple with sky behind it.

Looking for quality attachments for your demolition job? Check out what we have here or call for a quote.


High quality of rakes to fit your machine.

yellow H&H root rake on the ground with small glimpse of green grass in the background.


Car body forks sketch .

High back car body forks

Car Body Forks in grey sitting on concrete with chain link fence behind it

 Car body forks

Pipe and Pole Grapple sketch

 Pipe and pole grapple

Wrecker fork rack sitting on cement.

 Wrecker fork rack

Long Reach Boom Assemblies

John Deere Long Reach Boom in grey sitting on gravel in a contractor's field. Equipment and grass in the background.

 Atlantic Attachment Services with their partners has long reach boom assemblies for most makes and models of crawler excavators. See some of our new and quality, good used booms here.

Stick Extensions

Black Stick Extension sitting on cement floor in a fabricator's shop. Welding machine and gasses are to the back left of the stick.

 If you are looking to add a little extra reach to your next job, Atlantic Attachments can help.  We have new and good used stick extensions and add-a-sticks that can give you the add length that you need to get the job done.


Large grey Ripper sitting on pavement. Behind it is a curb, grass and a few trees.

 Check out our ripper page for more options for your excavators and wheel loaders.

Contact us for a quote today.


Grizzly Screener in green sitting on gravel with tufts of grass popping out. Blue sky above.

 Extra Heavy Duty 16′ wide x 9′ high Grizzly Box with adjustable bars. Adjust from 3″ standard to 10″ – 12″ spacing.  Weight approx 10500 lbs. Call for pricing.
Click here to view more pictures.


Black H&H Stump shear sitting in a parking lot. Grass in the background.

 H&H Stump Shears are used in land clearing, tub grinding preparation and wood recycling yards. Construction: H&H Stump Shears are manufactured using oversized AR400 steel plate for high strength and maximum wear resistance. All pivot sections incorporate chrome induction pins and through hardened bushings for long life.

Snow Removal Equipment

We represent the H&H Manufacturing, Avalanche, and Cote line of snow removal attachments.

Yello H&H snow basket sitting in a parking lot. No parking sign behind it. Grass and trees in the far background

 Snow baskets

Avalanche snow pusher in a contractor's parking lot. Mud on the ground. Dump truck in the background.

 Snow pushers

Yellow snow plow on a parking lot

 Sidewings and Plows

Atlantic Attachment Services offers a wide range of quality new as well as good used industrial snow clearing equipment.

See our snow removal page for more options or simply call us for a quote.