Snow Removal Equipment

snow pusher

Snow Removal Attachments

Whether you are looking for a snow pusher for your skidsteer or a snow basket for your loader or a snowblade to clear your town’s streets, we can help. Atlantic Attachment Services Inc has a variety of quality new and good used snow removal attachments to help you out this winter.

Bateman One-Way Loader Snow plow

One way angle plow for Volvo

12 foot one-way angle blade to fit 175/200 series wheel loader with Volvo ISO coupler hooks. Spring trip edge segments and down pressure float. 35 degree fixed angle with 10 foot clearing path.

One way angle plow for volvo 2

Snow Baskets

snow basket

Snow baskets make short work of large snow piles.

snow baskets

5 cy snow basket for a Cat IT 28 ,Cat 930

3 1/2 cy snow basket for JCB 4CX Backhoe

snow basket

 Order your snow basket now and be ahead of the game this winter!

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Plows, Blades and Pushers

Avalanche Snow Pushers

Atlantic Attachment Services is an authorized representative for the Avalanche line of snow pushers. The Avalanche Line of Snow Pushers is the only Snow Pusher known to carry a Limited Life Time Manufacturer’s Warranty. 

extender plow

Avalanche Extender snow pusher

power v plow

Avalanche Power V  snow plow

power wing snow plow

Avalanche Power wing snow pusher

Avalanche Power Wing Plow

Power wing plow for rubber tire backhoe

NEW Avalanche Power Wing Plow in stock. Extends from 14’-21’with the wings open.  Lead time on a new order for this plow would be 4-6 weeks

wing plow 3
snow pusher

 Avalanche Giant Box Plow is a big plow for small spaces.

12 foot wide x52” deep reversible steel trip edge (22 cy snow capacity).Also available in rubber trip edge

16 foot wide x2” deep reversible steel trip edge (snow capacity=32cy)   Also available in rubber trip edge

Pictured above is a 22foot x 52 inch snow pusher with bucket mount on a CAT 966 wheel loader ready to clear snow from mall parking lots.

trip edge plow

Avalanche trip edge plow

fixed v plow

Avalanche fixed V plow

straight snow plow

Avalanche straight plow

snow plow

Wheel Loader Mount 10-18’ x 52” Tall, self-leveling wear shoes, trip edge, floating receiver, ratchet
binder kit.3 point hitch or bucket mount 8-14’ for machines with minimum 50-100 HP, Abrasion Resistant Wear Shoes, 36” Tall. Compact Tractor Mount. 6-10’ 24” deep, Trip Edge, Self-Leveling  Wear Shoes. Fixed Receiver.

snow plow

Skid Steer Mounted Snow Pushers   30” High with self-leveling wear shoes, Floating Receiver, trip cutting edge. 6-12’ long

snow plow

Skid steer Hydraulic Angle Scoop Plow. Allows windrow plowing in both directions and forward, trip cutting edge. 8’ wide  + wing sections.36” tall.

municipal snow plow

Avalanche Municipal Road Plow includes ratchet binder kit, 8 pieces, two chains, two ratchet binders, two brackets.
Towns and cities can get the most from their machinery in winter months by using the Avalanche Road Plow. It’s fitted onto a Backhoe or Wheel Loader in 5 minutes. The Road Plow easily connects using the Avalanche bucket mount receiver, 3 chains, and chain binders. No hydraulics are necessary.

The Avalanche Road Snow Plow is the cost-effective way to provide better snow clearing services for your community. It offers Public Works
Departments the ability to put underutilized equipment to work. This steel trip edge, fixed-angle plow is specifically made for city road applications. It’s equipped with the successful Torsion Spring System pioneered by Avalanche. Using one side panel on its left side, the Road Plow effectively pushes snow to the shoulder of city streets. Avalanche Road Plow comes in a standard 12-foot width.

box plow

Box Plows for Backhoes (8-16 ft widths with 36 inch high side panels) 8ft (9cy snow clearing capacity) Includes 8 ratchet piece binder kit.  Comes with reversible steel trip edge.

Also available in rubber trip edge. 12 ft (11 cy snow clearing capacity)  Includes 8 piece ratchet binder kit. Comes with reversible steel trip edge.  Also available in rubber trip edge.

snow plow

Standard Box Plows for Wheel loaders (10-30ft)  has 52 inch high side panels, reversible trip edge.

snow plow

Box plows for skid steers. (6-12 feet long x 36” high side panels) 6 feet has a 5 cy snow capacity.  Includes 8 piece binder kit.

Also available with rubber trip edge.12 feet has an 11cy snow capacity.  Includes 8 piece binder kit.  Also available with rubber trip edge.

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 Factory Refurbished to New Avalanche Snow Pushers

Avalanche snow pusher
Avalanche snow pusher

12’ x 42” is a BLAT 500 x 12’ with self-leveling wear shoes, steel sectional trip edge, self-leveling bucket receivers. This snow pusher is work ready for just $12,800.00CAD + Freight and taxes.

Avalanche snow plow
Avalanche snow plow

Factory Refurbished to New condition SSAT 500 x 10’ has a sectional trip edge ,self-leveling wear shoes, skid steer coupler mounting. You can put this snow pusher to work for you right away for just $8500CAD + Freight & taxes. 

 GRYB Snow plows

GYRB plow 4

GRYB wheel loader  12’ x 48” hydraulic angle snow plow in stock.

GYRB Plow 3
GRYB wheel loader  12’ x 48” hydraulic angle snow plow in stock. 6 more available within 2 weeks. 2 Year warranty

GRYB wheel loader  12’ x 48” hydraulic angle snow plow in stock. 6 more available within 2 weeks. 2 Year warranty

Cote Snow plows

Ready to ship within 4-5 weeks!

plow and wing

Cote 12’ snow wing and 12’ hydraulic angle plow. Ready to ship within 4-5 weeks.

snow plow

Cote OH 4500 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Angle snow plow

plows for MA

 These fine Cote plows that were shipped off to a contractor in Boston for use in the winter of 2017.

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